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Speedy Queuers

How quickly can you race to line up? Audrey’s class flexed their legs early this morning to practise their vocabulary.…
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Mix and Match

Racing through the corridor, Audrey’s class put their vocabulary to the test. Grabbing a picture, they had to search and…
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Present Perfect or Past Simple?

Audrey took her class outside this morning to practise the past simple and present perfect. Splitting the class into two…
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Dancing in the Dark

Audrey’s class were serenaded today by Katie’s class’ rendition of Bruce Spingsteen’s “Dancing in the dark”. First, the class had…
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Lassos, Cowboys and Outlaws

Welcome to the Wild, Wild West! Today in Audrey’s class, the students reviewed everything that they had learnt this week…
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Hidden Message

Teamwork and reading were key today in Audrey’s class. Working together, the students had to discover the hidden message about…
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