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Resultados de la categoría 'conors-class'

Superduper Paper Extravaganza!

Who doesn't like throwing paper at their classmates? Especially when learning about relative clauses. Conor's class played a very active…
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Riddle me this!

Conor’s class enjoyed a big board game this morning to practise conditionals, riddles and definitions. The class were split into…
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Chains and Knots

Conor’s class showcased their knowledge of idioms, phrasal verbs and vocabulary today by attempting to make a human chain. Each…
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Can you remove the greatest amount of blocks without making the tower fall? Conor’s class were reviewing idioms, definitions and…
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Snowball Fight!

Taking a trip to Moscow, Conor’s class practised using phrasal verbs by having a snowball fight. Writing a fact about…
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