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Weaving Relay

As a way to revise their knowledge about everything that they had learnt throughout the camp, Leticia's class participated in…
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The Great Egg Drop!

Seth and Leticia's classes were working on their final experiment of the camp - the great egg drop! Students had…
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Lift Off!

Leti’s class created tetrahedral kites which explored the strength of tetrahedrons. Apparently they could even be strong enough to carry…
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Density Rainbows

How does density work? In Leticia’s class, the students were undertaking an experiment about density. Adding various amounts of sugar…
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Bin Basketball

Split into two teams, Leticia’s class faced off in a game of basketball. But, it wasn’t just your ordinary game…
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Spinning around!

In Leticia’s class today, the students were experimenting with electrical currents. Making a basic circuit using a battery, wire and…
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