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Resultados de la categoría 'shaylas-class'

Cup Stacking Contest!

Shayla's class showed off their running and cup stacking skills this morning with a race. First, the class was divided…
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Ring Ring!

What did you say? Shayla and Emily’s classes joined forces today in a massive game of telephone! Spreading out across…
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The Floor is Lava!

The floor is lava! Shayla’s class were practising false friends today by pretending that the floor was lava. Each student…
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Lights, Camera, Action!

What would your dream film look like? Working in small groups, Shayla’ class designed film posters and synopses for their…
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Tic Tac Toe

This morning, Lauren, Katie and Shayla’s classes combined to practise their speaking skills. First, they set up Tic Tac Toe…
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Prepositions Twister!

Seems like we have some budding contortionists in Shayla’s class! Practising their prepositions, the class were split into half. A…
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